Policies and Procedures

Office hours:  Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.  All phone calls and email inquiries are answered/responded to during these hours.

Regular pet sitting hours:  8 AM to 8 PM, seven days per week.  Additional fees apply outside of regular hours and on holidays; please see “Current Rates” section for details.

Payment:  I require payment in full prior to or at the time of the first visit to your home.  At this time, I accept cash or checks made payable to DeLoach Pet Sitting.

Vaccinations:  I must have a copy of each pet’s current vaccinations.  No exceptions can be made to this policy.

Key policy:  You may agree to allow me to keep your keys on file in a secure location for future services.  If this is the case, there will be no address for identification purposes attached to your keys, and all keys will remain in a secure location in my office.  If you prefer to instead keep your key, I will charge a $10.00 pick-up fee for future services. 

Confirmation:  I will call/text you one to two days prior to your day of departure, to confirm that your schedule has remained the same.  I ask that you contact me upon returning home to let me know that you and your pets are safe.  If your plans change and you will arrive home earlier or later than planned, please notify me as soon as possible.

Cancellation or early returns:  I understand that plans change, and sometimes with very little notice.  I will make every attempt to work with you on a viable solution.  However, I must be considerate of my time, and I therefore require a 24-hour notice of cancellation of services or of an early return from your trip.  If I am contacted with less than 24-hour’s notice, a $25 service fee will be charged.

Emergency care:  In the event that any pet in my care requires immediate medical attention, I will attempt to contact you prior to obtaining emergency care.  However, if I cannot reach you, I will act in the pet's best interest, even if this means seeking medical attention prior to notifying you.  I must be reimbursed for any additional fees and/or expenses incurred while tending to emergency or veterinary care.

Inclement weather policy:  I am happy to complete my pet visits during times of inclement weather.  However, I must consider my safety, as well as that of your pet.  In the event of extreme inclement weather, I will use my best judgment in caring for your pet and home.  For this reason, visits to your home and/or dog walks may take place somewhat earlier or later than the agreed upon schedule, depending upon my judgment of the current weather situation. Rest assured, however, that your pets will receive its agreed upon number of visits from me each and every day.