Beginning the Process


Scheduling of Services

Please call or email DeLoach Pet Sitting to determine if my availability fits your requested time schedule.  I will make every effort to meet your needed schedule.


In-home Consultation

When we agree on a pet sitting schedule for you, we will then make an appointment for your in-home consultation.  During this initial visit, I will meet you as well as your pet.  There is no charge for this consultation.  Should you decide to hire DeLoach Pet Sitting, I will have you fill out forms regarding your travel schedule and contact information, as well as all of the information I will need to appropriately care for your pet.  This will include your pet’s eating habits, temperament, health issues, and vaccination records, as well as general information regarding their personalities, likes and dislikes, etc.   It will also be during this meeting that we discuss any house sitting services you would like for me to perform, at no additional charge.  I will pick up your key at this visit.  Please allow 30 to 45 minutes for this consultation.


Confirmation of Services

I will email you a confirmation of the days and times of your scheduled visits within 24 hours of the in-home consultation.  It is important that you verify that I have the correct days and times in your schedule.  I will also call you the day before I am scheduled for my first visit to your pet, to ensure that your plans have not changed.



I require payment in full prior to or at the time of the first visit to your home.  At this time, I accept cash or checks made payable to DeLoach Pet Sitting.  In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with DeLoach Pet Sitting, I offer a 100% money back guarantee.